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12 AI Tools You Can Use On Your Mobile For Free

ai tools for mobile
ai tools for mobile

Artificial intelligence is shaping the future, and now everyone can access powerful AI applications right from their smartphones. Here are some of the top free AI tools available on iOS and Android devices:

1. Bing Chat – Microsoft’s new chatbot built on top of AI from OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT. Ask Bing conversational questions and get detailed answers.

2. ChatGPT – While the full version requires a subscription, ChatGPT’s free tier still allows you to have natural conversations with its advanced language model.

3. – This app generates automated transcripts from audio recordings using speech recognition AI. It’s great for meetings, interviews, and lectures.

4. FaceTune – This popular selfie editor smooths skin, whitens teeth, removes blemishes, and has powerful AI filters using generative adversarial networks (GANs).

5. Starry AI – Generate imaginative artworks in different styles by describing a prompt with the AI image generator. Make your own digital masterpieces.

6. Perplexity AI – Get personalized skincare recommendations from AI that analyzes images of your face. The advanced computer vision identifies your skin type and concerns.

7. Socratic by Google – Snap a photo of a homework question, and the app gives explanations and teaches the concepts behind it. The AI tutor makes learning interactive.

8. Luma ai – Your personal finance AI scans receipts, analyzes spending, creates budgets, gives advice, and more to take control of your money.

9. Google Assistant – Google’s virtual assistant understands natural language, looks up information, schedules events, controls smart home devices, and additional features.

10. Amazon Alexa – Alexa brings Amazon’s powerful AI into your home. Play music, get news, check the weather, set timers/alarms, automate IoT devices, and customize skills.

11. ReplikaThis chatbot friend is powered by emotional intelligence AI. Replika can hold conversations, remember your personality, and provide mental health support.

12. Databot – Act as your personal AI-driven assistant that provides calendar management, email productivity, meeting notes, and business analytics.

The age of AI is here. Try out these amazing free apps to experience how artificial intelligence can make life easier and more creative. The future is at your fingertips.

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