Top 25 most-Upvoted AI Tools/products of 2023 in ProductHunt

top ai tools

1. Dora AI uses AI to speed up the website development process by letting you generate one with a simple prompt. It even has support for 3D animations. It gathered over 4,000 upvotes from the community and received the Product of the Day, Week, and Month badges.

2. Chat by is marketed as a smarter ChatGPT for getting things done. You can scrape sites for data, generate personalized copy, summarize videos, and more.

3. Clustr helps you build a diversified and safer crypto portfolio by analyzing the risks involved in Web3 projects to help you avoid making rookie mistakes.

4. Galxe is a no-code self-serve platform for web3 brands to launch their own loyalty programs.

5. Bento is a new type of link-in-bio tool that puts both beauty and function at the forefront. You can easily display all of your content links in an eye-catching grid and even sell products.

6. Chat.D-ID is an app that enables people to AI video chat. It effectively gives a face to an AI chatbot that you can then communicate with like a human.

7. Kombai is an AI model that you can prompt with designs instead of text. Once you drop in the design it will generate high-quality, usable code from the design.

8. Anytype is a knowledge management tool for people who value their data. You can build dashboards, projects, and knowledge graphs – all with a no-code editor.

9. Typo is an intelligent engineering management platform that integrates with your existing tech stack to provide visibility, insights, and tools so you can maximize efficiency.

10. Tally 2.0 lets you craft a form for any type of task – for free. You can use smart features such as conditional logic and calculations and customize it however you want with CSS.

11. Swapped Finance is a decentralized exchange on the Shardeum Blockchain that offers a secure, fair, and auto-scalable platform for trading digital assets.

12. Character AI lets you chat with near-human-like AI characters. There are millions of user-created personalities already on the app that you can converse with.

13. GPT-4 is, well, I’m sure you know what it is. In case you don’t. It’s OpenAI’s successor to GPT-3. An LLM that exhibits human-level performance on a number of benchmarks.

14. BeforeSunset is an AI daily planner tool for busy professionals that plans your day based on your schedule and to-do list.

15. GoIT is a Learning Management System (LMS) built to empower people with high-quality tech education. It has over 10,000 tasks to improve coding, online classrooms, quizzes, and more.

16. Resend is an email API built for developers. It integrates in less than five minutes and is built to prevent you from landing in the spam folder when sending your emails.

17. Framer AI is an AI design assistant that can help you instantly generate a site for your next project. You can edit it with an infinite number of color palettes and font combinations.

18. Loops is an email marketing tool designed to be a better choice for SaaS companies to send marketing and transactional emails.

19. folk 2.0 is a lightweight, customizable CRM that’s powered by AI. It’s designed to help you build stronger relationships. It’s been described as if Airtable and Asana had a baby.

20. Graphite is a developer workflow tool that helps engineers stay unblocked and ship faster with features like AI, a pull request inbox, real-time notifications, and more.

21. Flowla is a platform that unites all sales-related links and documents into one collaborative space so your team can close deals more effectively.

22. STORI AI helps you automate your brand identity creation process by producing unique content that you can quickly share across your site and social media.

23. AI Content Genie puts your social media on autopilot by pumping out fresh, AI-generated content every week that you can edit, review, and schedule

24. Lottielab lets you create and ship Lottie animations to your site faster by making it easy to import and animate files such as SVGs and Figma documents.

25. AudioPen uses AI to transform unstructured audio notes into clearly summarized text. You can use it to write messages, emails, blog posts, and more.

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