10 AI websites to boost your income in 2024!

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Use these websites to earn money πŸ‘‡

1.✳️ Scribe

Scribe allows you to create tutorials, masterclasses, and courses.

β†’ Offer creative tutorial services,

β†’ Create and sell online courses,

β†’ Offer content creation services and more.


2. ✳️ Boomy

Boomy is an AI tool for creating original music that can earn you money in a variety of ways.

β†’ Build a portfolio,

β†’ Create and sell music,

β†’ Offer music composition services and more


3. ✳️ Reface

Reface is a program for creating and editing videos that can be used to generate money.

β†’ Create and sell video content,

β†’ Offer video creation services,

β†’ Monetize your content, and offer other services.


4. ✳️ Beautiful AI

Beautiful AI is a presentation program that helps any company appear fantastic.

β†’ Partner with businesses,

β†’ Create a course,

β†’ Offer support services, and more.


5. ✳️ Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser is a tool for erasing undesired things from images with numerous ways to monetize it.

β†’ Sell stock photos,

β†’ Offer photo editing services,

β†’ Provide photo retouching services and so on.


6. ✳️ Jasper AI

Jasper is the most powerful and cost-effective AI writing tool you can use to make money.

β†’ Become a freelance writer

β†’ Start a blog

β†’ Offer content creation services



7. ✳️ AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger is a tool for increasing image resolution without sacrificing quality.

β†’ Offer image editing services

β†’ Create and sell digital products

β†’ Provide image optimization services



8. ✳️ Descript

A flexible tool for producing and editing podcasts and movies.

β†’ Create and sell video and podcast content,

β†’ Offer transcription services,

β†’ Offer video and podcast editing services



9. ✳️ Tome

Tome is a unique and inventive storytelling tool that can be used to produce cash in a variety of ways.

β†’ Create and sell story content,

β†’ Offer writing and storytelling services,

β†’ Offer editing and revising services



10. ✳️ Tribescaler

Tribescaler is a Twitter service that can help you extend your network and online presence.

β†’ Build your brand,

β†’ Offer Twitter management services,

β†’ Offer marketing and advertising services



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