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A tool for cutting long videos into dozens of short clips. Show up with your short clips to win more views, grow your audience, and become a superstar

Key Features:
β€’ Long video into shorts – Turn your long video into short clips to win more views.
β€’ Catchy subtitles – People love watching videos without sound. Engage your audience with trendy subtitles!
β€’ Magic auto-focus – 2 speakers? Not a problem. We will perfectly crop them.
β€’ Resizing – Change your clip into square, portrait, or landscape clip with our super resizer!
β€’ Soundtracks – Add audio to your clip in 1 click.
β€’ AI generated cover image – Don’t spend your time on creating the catchy cover image for you clip.

β€’ Save hours cutting clips!
β€’ Super easy clip cutting. Simply upload your video, get the transcript, highlight the needed text parts, and get your short clip.
β€’ 1 video = 100 clips. Cut your long video into short clip as much as your want. And share it on social media.

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