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Notta is an AI-based voice-to-text transcription service that supports 104 languages, providing high accuracy, readable transcriptions in real-time.

With the help of Notta, there is no need to spend a long time writing meeting minutes, reviewing interviews, typing a book, or translating a foreign language video. In addition, users will find it convenient to transcribe contents from Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams links, Google Drive, and Dropbox links by importing the links. Subscribers can also polish your transcription by editing, inserting pictures, and adding marks in Notta.

Apart from these functions, this platform also generates summaries of your transcripts using instant Artificial Intelligence technologies, making it easier to review key points and get AI-powered action items. Additionally, users can easily share their transcription with the whole team in a shared hierarchy, which makes it easy to manage data access and membership permissions and ensure security through the use of reporting and IP address restrictions.

Notta boasts a range of main features:
1) Up to 98.86% transcription accuracy
2) Over 2.5 million registered users all over the world
3) AI summarization of transcribed text
4) Video meeting recording and meeting schedule
5) Recognition of different speakers
6) Bots can automatically attend online meetings for Zoom, Google Meet and Teams
7) Integrated Notion and Salesforce

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