Novita AI LLM


Novita AI LLM offers you unrestricted conversations through powerful Inference APIs. With Cheapest Pricing and scalable models, Novita AI LLM Inference API empowers your LLM incredible stability and rather low latency in less than 2 seconds. LLM performance can be highly enhanced with Novita AI LLM Inference API.

– NSFW-Friendly: Novita AI LLM Chat APIs empower your conversations on any topic of your choice,whether they are NSFW, uncensored or rule-free.
– Cost-Effective: Transparent, low-cost pricing: $0.20 per million tokens, with no hidden fees or escalating costs.
– Auto Scaling:fast scaling infrastructure. Updating models and Scaling datas can be performed offline.
– Stable and Reliable: Maintain low latency in less than 2 seconds, Fast network with private information protected.

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